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You might remember us… we remember you.

In 1984 after a successful career with Ford Motor Company my father, George H. Ryan, started Ryan Ford Tractor in Tilton, NH. He was more than prepared for this position as he had been the assistant service manager in the Ford Motor Company tractor division. While at Ford he called on many of the dealers we still know and love today to help them solve problems and grow their businesses. Ford Motor Company and these tractor dealers had the same message, success comes from customer satisfaction. When he opened Ryan Ford Tractor, he was determined to achieve just that. My uncle Dan Ryan joined my father in this venture as the head of the parts department. The two were a good team who made all their employees and customers instantly part of the Ryan family.

He trained his people to provide welcoming hospitality and to take pride in their hard work. He gave his  customers a hassle free, no pressure sales experience with a large inventory of models to consider. After the sale is where the company really shined with outstanding customer service. When someone needed a repair, had a question or just wanted to visit they were welcomed and treated as a priority by both Ryan brothers. If someone was in a bind they knew who they could count on for help.  The efforts were appreciated and word got around. In only their second year of operation 100 new Ford tractors were sold, leading all of the New England dealers. In 1993 Kubota was welcomed to the dealership and gave our customers more options.

In 2000 Ryan Tractor was sold as an asset sale to MB Tractor. Both my father and uncle worked at MB Tractor for a while as did many former Ryan Tractor employees. But it was not the same, as it goes with change.  My father resigned under good terms June 30th, 2015.

Grass doesn’t grow under his feet and on September 1, 2017 we began moving into our new building.

Now we are back. I say “we” because I am here too, his daughter. Desperately trying to following in the footsteps of my hero. We are here for those in our community who wake up and get things done with the equipment they need to do it. If you have a field to mow, hay to bale, harvest to bring in, livestock to feed, plants to grow, snow to move, stalls to muck, or dreams to bring to fruition – we are here- providing you with the tools and knowledge to get it done.

For those who have already chosen us to be their dealer, words cannot adequately describe our gratitude. For those of you we are yet to meet, we sincerely look forward to the day we do and hope we are able to earn your business.

Katelyn Ryan

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